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Here's our tune list, arranged in sets for dancing. The "Dance" column either gives a suggested dance for each set, or a bizarre name that has nothing to do with dancing.

Information for our callers
Tunes we are currently concentrating on (core repertoire) look like this.
Tunes we are less happy to play in public - either because we've gone off them or because we're still developing them - look like this.

The tunes are linked to abc notation files for you to download and meddle with. Feel free, but please preserve the original authorship details where given, and give credit if you use them. BUT! Due to Orange destroying our web site recently, and having to move to a new host, the links to abc files and dances are temporarily broken. Working on that...

DanceTunesTune type
1. Lucky SevenThe Moon and Seven Stars/Smash the Windows/Off She Goes32-bar jigs
2. GalopedeGalopede32-bar reel
3. The Bridge of AthloneDingle Regatta/Blarney Pilgrim48-bar jigs
4. Jack's The LadMerry Sherwood Rangers/Portsmouth32-bar reels
5. Horse's BrawlHorse's Brawl24-bar reel
6. Cumberland Square EightMy Love is But a Lassie Yet/La Russe/Soldier's Joy32-bar reels
7. Circle WaltzWill Ye No' Come Back Again?/Orange in Bloom/Ye Banks and Braes32-bar waltzes
8. Nottingham SwingBacca Pipes/The Ilmington Lively Jig/Boys of Bluehill32-bar hornpipes
9. The Lover's KnotThe Whitehaven Volunteer/Rub-a-Dub/Down The Road32-bar reels
10. Waves of ToryBonnets So Blue/Shandon Bells32-bar jigs, played as 48
11. Drops of BrandySpokes's Tune/Shiny's Whistle32-bar polkas
12. Pat-a-cake PolkaUncle Bernard's Polka/Jenny Lind16-bar polkas
13. The Stoke Golding Country DanceDavy-Davy Knick-Knack/Winster Gallop/Grandfather's Tune32-bar reels
14. Three Around ThreeRose Tree/Curly Headed ploughboy/Go & 'list for a sailor32-bar reels
15. Buttered PeasRailway/The Fiery Clock Fyece/Morecambe Bay32-bar jigs
16. The Country BumpkinPaddy on the Turnpike/King William of Orange32-bar hornpipes
17. Sheep HillFlowers of Edinburgh/Paddy on the Railroad/Mrs McLeod's Reel32-bar reels
18. NinepinsDe'il among the tailors/Drowsy Maggie32-bar jigs
19. The Cornish Six-Hand ReelJohnny Mickey Barry's/Salmon Tails Down the Water32-bar reels
20. The Dashing White SergeantThe Dashing White Sergeant32-bar reel
21. The Gay GordonsThe Cock o' The North/Wi' a Hundred Pipers16-bar jigs
22. The Hullican JigThe Hullican Jig32-bar reel
23. The Oyster Dance (Wring Out the Dishrag)Oyster Girl/Upton-on-Severn Stick Dance/Haste to the Wedding32-bar jigs
24. Circassian CirclePicking Up Sticks/The Old Mole32-bar reel
25. Speed The PloughSpeed The Plough/Waltzing Matilda/Captain Pugwash32-bar hornpipes
26. Two Playford TunesChild Grove/Newcastle32-bar marches
27. The Willow TreeThe Sweets of May/Merrily Kiss'd The Quaker/The Cook in the Kitchen48-bar jigs
28. The Bear DanceThe Bear Dance16-bar reel
29. Westmorland CottagersThe Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre/Wellington's Advance/Roisin The Beau32-bar jigs
30. The Flying ScotsmanFarewell to Whisky/The White Cockade/East Neuk of Fife32-bar reels
31. Si Beag and Si MorSi Beag and Si MorTune
32. The Black JokeThe Black Joke22-bar jig
33. Haymakers/Virginia ReelSir Roger de CoverleySlip jig
34. Hunt the HareHunt the Hare/Off to California/The Guisland Hornpipe16-bar hornpipes
35. Take my HandTake my HandWaltz
37. Morris Set #1Maid of the Mill/William & Nancy/Queen's Delight16-bar jigs
38. Morris Set #2Sheriff's Ride/Highland Mary/Young Collins16-bar reels
39. Morris Set #3British Grenadiers/The Girl I Left Behind Me32-bar marches
40. Hymn TunesTo be a Pilgrim/Easter Hymn/29th of May16-bar reels
41. The Bastard TunesBanish Misfortune/An Phis FliuchJig/Slip Jig
42. Thacka BeckThacka Beck48-bar jig
43. Sue's No. 2Tenpenny Bit/Mug of Brown Ale/Rakes of Kildare32-bar jigs
44. Sharon Shannon SetThe Happy One-Step/The Munster Hop32-bar reels
45. The Slide SchotticheThe Steamboat Hornpipe/Off to California32-bar hornpipes
46. Jennings is the Beer for MeBobby Shaftoe/Yankee Doodle32-bar reels
47. Blowing in the WindThe Bugle Quickstep/The Tempest32-bar jigs
48. The Lancashire ReelThe Gobbie-O/Morrison's Jig/Kesh Jig32-bar jigs
49. O'Carolan's WaltzesPlanxty Irwin/(Lord Inchiquin)/Planxty Fanny PowerWaltzes
50. Maurice Manley's PolkaMaurice Manley's PolkaPolka
51. The Four Men PolkasTripping to the Well/The Newmarket Polka/The Lakes of SligoPolkas
52. PolkasEgan's/Walshe's/Dan Mac'sPolkas
54. Scattery Island SlideScattery Island SlideSlide
55. An DroAn DroTune
56. Pipe TunesPet o' the Pipers/The Atholl HighlandersJigs
57. Balkan Lord of the Dance/The Big Ship32-bar reels
58. Kemp's JigKemp's JigReel
59. PoultryChicken in the Straw/The Hen's March to the Midden32-bar reels
60. Nic's Russian TuneNic's Russian Tune (Katyushka)Tune
61. Twilight in PortroeTwilight in PortroeTune
62. The Redowa PolkaThe Redowa Polka48-bar polka
64. The Rights of ManThe Rights of ManTune
65. Sir Sidney SmithSir Sidney SmithTune
66. The Yarnton ReelThe Yarnton ReelTune
67. Music for a Found HarmoniumMusic for a Found HarmoniumTune
69. American PatrolAmerican PatrolTune
70. Floating from SkerryFloating from SkerryTune
71. Spokes's TunesThe Champion (Ich bin der Champion)/Major-Minor Tune (real name?)32-bar jigs
72. Brian Boru's MarchBrian Boru's MarchTune
73. D'ye ken John Peel?D'ye ken John Peel? Hornpipe
74. Charlie's SetThe Tenpenny Bit/English JigTune
75. Galician Jig/Jump at the Sun32-bar jigs
77. 6/8 CarolsIn Dulce Jubilo/I Saw Three Ships16-bar jigs
78. 4/4 CarolsO Little Town of Bethlehem16-bar march
79. There Is A Tavern In The Town32-bar march
80. Banks of Inverness32-bar polka
81. Enrico/Jack Robinson32-bar reels
82. Centenary March32-bar march
83. Waterloo Dance48-bar polka
84. Seneca Square Dance/Coloured Aristocracy32-bar polkas
85. Gaspé ReelGaspé Reel48-bar reel
86. The RecoveryThe Recovery48-bar reel
87. I'm Up to My OxtersI'm Up to My Oxters32-bar reel
88. HorizontoHorizonto48-bar jig
89. March des Cabrettaires32-bar march
91. RoszaRoszaWaltz
92.Calliope House/Out On The Ocean32-bar jigs
93.The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue/Will's Way32-bar polkas
94.The Leeds Polka48-bar polka
95. The Star-Spangled BannerStar-Strangled BannerWaltz
96. Auld Lang SyneAuld Lang SyneMarch/Song
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